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"Still holding my sides and gasping for air between fits of laughter... It is a parody, right? I mean it sounds so, well, real.  You've got the NPR sound nailed."

- Road Rage Radio

all materials © 2002-2013 Joe Smith

We love public radio.  We love NPR, PRI, MPR & American Public Media.  We are fans of All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Car Talk, This American Life, Fresh Air, and Prarie Home Companion.  We like the commentaries, the features, the independent member station programs.  We love them all dearly.  But we also think they're begging to be made fun of.  So here we are.

IPR was created by Joe Smith.  It currently consists of a CD, and a whole bunch of podcast episodes, with more episodes as well as ancillary projects in the works. 

Special thanks to : The American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (including Dona Sommers, Harry Yute, Gayle Rega, & Ed Barnes), Lee Totten, BubbleUp Media, Mike Schrand, Juan Bagnell, Tom Devlin, Charles Grace, Jeff Gee, Zara K. Smith, Karen Woodward-Massey, Kippy Goldfarb, & Allan Piper.

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